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038: Dennis Lower (Cortex Innovation Community)

Meet Dennis Lower, President & CEO of the Cortex Innovation Community. Dennis sits down to talk about what makes a good innovation district, how they get built, and how to incorporate a variety of different environments to design a dynamic, porous, vibrant community that sparks ideas and allows entrepreneurs to thrive.

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037: Sam Abbassi (BUSHIDO Lab)

Meet Sam Abbassi, Co-Founder and Partner at BUSHIDO Lab. A software engineer with a background in neuroscience and economics, Sam leads blockchain initiatives at BUSHIDO, where he works with a small team to turn Miami into the epicenter of blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies.

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036: Heather Monahan (Boss in Heels)

Meet Heather Monahan, Founder of Boss in Heels. Heather’s first career was a successful 20-year stint in media and sales that ended with a surprise termination. As she wrestled with what to do next, she chose to devote herself completely to helping women take control of their careers.

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035: Pilar Guzman Zavala (Half Moon Empanadas)

Meet Pilar Guzman Zavala, CEO at Half Moon Empanadas. Half Moon Empanadas is a serious innovator in the food space, offering 20+ flavors of Argentinian empanadas, and leading the charge to create a whole new food category in the national fast-casual market.

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034: Janisse Rosario-Schoepp, Ph.D. (Health Foundation of South Florida)

Meet Janisse Rosario-Schoepp, M.P.H., Ph.D., the Vice President of Operations and Strategy at Health Foundation of South Florida. Janisse plays a critical role in the Health Foundation’s work to improve the health and economic well-being of communities in South Florida.

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033: Nicole Denil (Internet of Things at Microsoft)

Meet Nicole Denil, GM of Global Channel Sales for Internet of Things at Microsoft. Nicole has extensive experience in both corporate and startup environments, working in marketing, sales, product development and partner development in the fields of cloud computing and IOT.

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032: Farris Bukhari (10b live arts incubator)

Meet Farris Bukhari, Founder and Creative Director of 10b live arts incubator, Inc. Farris is a multi-disciplinary theater practitioner with over 20 years of experience as a writer, actor, director, producer, coach, and workshop leader.

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031: Alejandro Burgana (CEO, Brickell Energy)

Meet Alejandro Burgana, President and CEO of Brickell Energy and Founder of OBE Power Networks. Alejandro is an entrepreneur working to build up the commercial electric vehicle charging infrastructure in South Florida. His aFLoat programs are helping propel adoption of EV charging across major corporations.

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030: Mikhaile Solomon (Prizm Art Fair)

Meet Mikhaile Solomon, Founder and Director of the Prizm Art Fair. She shares some of her favorite contemporary artists, how Prizm provides a place for artists who can’t find representation, and how she works to challenge the exclusionary behaviors of art history.

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029: Tina Brown (Overtown Youth Center)

Tina Brown is the Executive Director of the Overtown Youth Center (OYC), a Mourning Family Foundation charity. Tina sits down with the Innovation City team to talk about her journey and how she uses her own experience to help disadvantaged youth discover the options that are available to them and improve their lives.

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