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020: Amanda Pizarro (Co-Founder, The Salty Donut)

In this episode, we meet Amanda Pizzaro, Co-Founder of the Salty Donut. Amanda opened the Salty Donut, Miami’s first gourmet donut shop, in 2016. This episode was recorded live at the eMerge Americas conference.

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019: Dr. Julio Frenk (President, University of Miami)

Today’s guest is Dr. Julio Frenk, President of the University of Miami. He joins Tyler and Michael at the University of Miami recording booth at the eMERGE AMERICAS conference. Dr. Frenk is a 4th-generation physician and the former Minister of Health of Mexico.

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018: Louis Quatorze (Video Artist)

Louis Quatorze; video artist, music video director, and arts curator. He produces pro bono music videos for St. Louis’ up-and-coming hip hop stars. Big Louis, Louis the Shooter, Mike Roth; he answers to all these names and he is dedicated to building up the arts and hip hop scene in St. Louis.

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017: Jonathan Allen (Editor-in-Chief, Entrepreneur Quarterly)

Jonathan Allen is the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of EQ. He is also the President and Co-founder of Longneck & Thunderfoot (L&T), a brand publishing company that incubated at the Columbia University Startup Lab in New York City. He moved to St. Louis in 2016 to open up a Midwest office after L&T won an Arch Grant.

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016: TJ Hughes (Terrifying Jellyfish)

TJ Hughes is a video game designer and digital artist who produces and publishes games as the independent game company Terrifying Jellyfish. His current project, the food game Nour, has received national attention, including interviews with Drøme, Polygon, Venture Beat, and more.

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015: Christine Handy & Jim St. Germain

This episode features two amazing guests; Jim St. Germain and Christine Handy, both authors with new books telling the stories of their personal triumphs over adversity.

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014: Matt Menietti (Executive Director, GlobalHack)

Today’s guest is Matt Menietti, one of the big names in the St. Louis startup scene. Matt is the Executive Director of GlobalHack. Before that, he was part of two nationally-ranked accelerator programs; serving first as the Director of Operations for Capital Innovators and then as Venture Partner at SixThirty.

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013: Zach Hatraf (Founder at Anchor Rides)

Zach Hatraf is the Founder and CEO of Anchor Charter Services, which provides pier-to-pier boat charter services, allowing passengers to quick charter on demand rides around Lake of the Ozarks.

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012: Jennifer Pierre (Founder at Melanites)

Jennifer Pierre is the founder of Melanites, a toy company that designs diverse dolls, toys, storybooks, and games that celebrate brown boyhood. Melanites’ mission is to show positive representations of boys of color to inspire kids to dream big, stand tall, and cultivate curiosity, adventure, and fun!

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011: Ben Triola (The Rampant)

Ben is a serial entrepreneur; he is the Founder and Developer of DogePos, co-owner of Mauhaus Café, partner and Director of Operations at Rampant Interactive, and a producer and game designer for Happy Badger Studio.

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