Tyler Kelley on Innovation City

207: Tyler Kelley (Slam! Agency)

Meet Tyler Kelley, Co-Founder of Slam! Agency, a St. Louis-based marketing agency focusing on helping businesses fulfill their purpose.

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Jermar Perry on Innovation City

206: Jermar Perry (The Village PATH)

Meet Jermar Perry, Co-founder of The Village PATH, a space designed to help all self-identified Black men heal in St. Louis.

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Suzanne Tucker_Generation Mindful

205: Suzanne Tucker (Generation Mindful)

Meet Suzanne Tucker, founder & CEO of Generation Mindful, an e-commerce & lifestyle brand on a mission to raise an emotionally healthy world.

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Kristen Corpion

198: Kristen Corpion (CORPLaw)

Meet Kristen Corpion, founder of CORPLaw, an innovative law firm providing a space for lawyers to focus on their happiness.

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hector mujica

197: Hector Mujica (Google)

Meet Hector Mujica, head of economic opportunity at Google across the Americas where he helps minority-owned businesses access capital.

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Ivan Rapin-Smith

196: Ivan Rapin-Smith (Watsco Ventures)

Ivan Rapin-Smith, the Managing Director of Watsco Ventures, an incubator company in Miami that serves air conditioning companies.

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Gazelle Hashemian

195: Gazelle Hashemian (BluJuniper)

Meet Gazelle Hashemian, CEO of BluJuniper, a seasoned entrepreneur, and an investor in women-owned businesses.

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194: Mojo (Healing with Hues)

Meet Mojo, a Contemporary Artist based out of Miami, and the founder of a new nonprofit, Healing with Hues.

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innovation city

Entrepreneurial Words of Wisdom: STL Edition

Learn from some of the top entrepreneurial trailblazers in St. Louis in Season 5 of Innovation City.

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muriel smith

191: Muriel Smith (St. Louis Area Diaper Bank)

Meet Muriel Smith, Executive Director at the St. Louis Area Diaper Bank, where they work to end diaper need and period poverty.

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robyn rosenberger

190: Robyn Rosenberger (TinySuperheroes)

Meet Robyn Rosenberger, the CEO at TinySuperheroes, a social enterprise that works to empower extraordinary kids- one cape at a time!

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danny gula

189: Danny Gula (Redding Creative)

Meet Danny Gula, partner at Redding Creative, and renowned digital content creator.

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