Tyler Kelley on Innovation City

207: Tyler Kelley (Slam! Agency)

Meet Tyler Kelley, Co-Founder of Slam! Agency, a St. Louis-based marketing agency focusing on helping businesses fulfill their purpose.

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Jermar Perry on Innovation City

206: Jermar Perry (The Village PATH)

Meet Jermar Perry, Co-founder of The Village PATH, a space designed to help all self-identified Black men heal in St. Louis.

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Suzanne Tucker_Generation Mindful

205: Suzanne Tucker (Generation Mindful)

Meet Suzanne Tucker, founder & CEO of Generation Mindful, an e-commerce & lifestyle brand on a mission to raise an emotionally healthy world.

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melissa douglass

188: Melissa Douglass (Goal Driven Counseling)

Meet Melissa Douglass, the founder and Virtual Clinical Director at Goal Driven Counseling, one of the first 100% virtual group practices.

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erin joy

187: Erin Joy (Black Dress Circle and Fuel to Fire)

Meet Erin Joy, CEO at Black Dress Circle and Fuel to Fire, where she works with women entrepreneurs to help launch and grow their businesses.

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Amy Gwin

186: Amy Gwin (Chapman & Co. Leadership Institute)

Meet Amy Gwin, the Director of Client Engagement at Chapman & Co. Leadership Institute.

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Tamara Keefe

185: Tamara Keefe (Clementine’s Naughty & Nice Creamery)

Meet Tamara Keefe, the self-proclaimed “Flavor Temptress” and owner of Clementine’s Naughty & Nice Creamery.

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Ed Herman

184: Ed Herman (Brown & Crouppen Law Firm)

Meet Ed Herman, attorney and managing partner at Brown & Crouppen, a personal injury law firm in St. Louis.

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Judy Sindecuse

183: Judy Sindecuse (Capital Innovators)

Meet Judy Sindecuse, CEO at Capital Innovators, whose top-ranking Accelerator Program provides startups with the resources they need.

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Kenny DeShields

182: Kenny DeShields (The Real Love Project)

Kenny DeShields, a singer-songwriter from St. Louis who recently released his first full-length album, The Real Love Project.

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181: Suzanne Jewell (The Mindful Entrepreneur)

Today’s guest is Suzanne Jewell, founder of The Mindful Entrepreneur and host of Mindful Mornings Miami.

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180: Amy Renshaw (Code/Art)

Meet Amy Renshaw, founder and CEO of Code/Art, a non-profit using art to inspire girls to become future coders and computer programmers.

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