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Latest Episodes

113: Kiley Summers (SpenDebt)

Meet Kiley Summers, Founder & CEO of SpenDebt. Kiley discusses taking his “year of faith” and how he became debt free, how SpenDebt can help people with their debts, the St. Louis innovation ecosystem, and much more!


112: Mary Louise Helbig (ITEN)

Meet Mary Louise Helbig, Executive Director at ITEN. Mary discusses her passion for entrepreneurship, what makes a scalable business and what does not, the future of ITEN, and much more!


111: Sarah Schlafly (Mighty Cricket)

Meet Sarah Schlafly, CEO of Mighty Cricket. Sarah discusses her entrepreneurial journey to getting Mighty Cricket to market, the importance of understanding where and when to get funding, the benefits of having mentors as an entrepreneur, and much more!


110: Jorge Cortes (MIA Ventures)

Meet Jorge Cortes, Founder of MIA Ventures. Jorge joins the team to discuss his entrepreneurial journey, his passion for tech innovation, organizing Startup SAFARI Miami, the innovation boom in Florida, his advice to Latin American startups, and much more!


109: Kilan Ashad-Bishop (Biomedical Scientist & Advocate)

Meet Kilan Ashad-Bishop, Biomedical Scientist & Advocate. Kilan discusses her dual life as a scientist and public advocate, the importance of communication in science, the threats of rising sea level in Miami and its effects, and much more!


108: Rashad Thomas (Miami Super Bowl Host Committee)

Meet Rashad Thomas, VP, Business Connect & Legacy Projects for the Miami Super Bowl Host Committee. Rashad discusses the Business Connect program and how to get involved with Super Bowl LIV, the importance of networking within the community, and much more!


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