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Latest Episodes

170: Gabriela Sabate (Health Semantics)

Meet Gabriela Sabate, Founder & CEO of Health Semantics. Gabriela discusses how she got into the healthtech industry, the many more things we can do with technology, how to identify the right team members, and much more!


169: Charli Cooksey (WEPOWER)

Meet Charli Cooksey, Founder & CEO of WEPOWER. Charli discusses colorism and representation bias, the two distinct and disparate parts of St. Louis, finding personal balance, and much more!


168: Marvin Wilmoth (Generation Development Group)

Meet Marvin Wilmoth, Managing Principal of Generation Development Group. Marvin discusses his community work through local politics, the Generation community model, countering the systematic disinvestment in underprivileged neighborhoods, and much more!


167: Christian Ethridge (Taco Circus)

Meet Christian Ethridge, Chef and Owner at Taco Circus. Christian discusses his entrepreneurial journey, economic mobility for his team, making Taco Circus more than your average “margarita mill,” and much more!


166: Galina Russell (REEF Technology)

Meet Galina Russell, Managing Director of REEF Technology. Galina discusses how she connects with her work, staying motivated to chase her ambitions, the importance of gathering and understanding data, REEF’s potential to help communities on a global scale, and much more!


165: Danie Spikes (Beloved, Inc.)

Meet Danie Spikes, CEO of Beloved, Inc. Danie discusses how her fragrance journey began, the relationship between self and others, learning to let go of control, and much more!


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