194: Mojo (Healing with Hues)

Meet Mojo, a Contemporary Artist based out of Miami, and the founder of a new nonprofit, Healing with Hues.

181: Suzanne Jewell (The Mindful Entrepreneur)

Today’s guest is Suzanne Jewell, founder of The Mindful Entrepreneur and host of Mindful Mornings Miami.

180: Amy Renshaw (Code/Art)

Meet Amy Renshaw, founder and CEO of Code/Art, a non-profit using art to inspire girls to become future coders and computer programmers.

179: Tony Jimenez (Joi)

Meet Tony Jimenez, co-founder and CFO of JOI, which stands for “just one ingredient,” a plant-based food and beverage company.

178: Sherrell Dorsey (The Plug)

Sherrell Dorsey, founder and CEO of The Plug, a digital news and insights platform covering the Black innovation economy.

177: Nathalie Cadet-James (Luxe Fête Social)

Nathalie Cadet-James, founder and CEO at Luxe Fête Social, a luxury dinner-party-in-a-box curation and delivery service.

176: Evan Leaphart (Kiddie Kredit)

Evan Leaphart, founder of Kiddie Kredit, the chore-tracking app that helps kids learn real-world lessons about money and credit.

175: Derrick Miles (CourMed®)

Meet Derrick Miles, founder and CEO of CourMed, an innovative healthcare delivery service. Derrick is also the founder of TMB Equity Partner and a multiple patented inventor.

174: Daniel Uribe (

Meet Daniel Uribe, CEO and co-founder of, a digital wallet for genetic data. Daniel combined his cybersecurity and blockchain background with a personal experience to come up with the idea for Genobank.

173: Chris Adamo (WhereBy.Us)

Meet Chris Adamo, chief business officer at WhereBy.Us, an experiential media tech company that creates technology platforms, tools, content and local publication, and their newsletter platform, Letterhead.