154: Ernisha Randolph (Sweet Butter Hospitality Group)

Meet Ernisha Randolph, CEO of Sweet Butter Hospitality Group. Ernisha discusses business insights, how she raised funds for her restaurant, mentoring other entrepreneurs through the coronavirus pandemic, and much more!

153: Riyaad Seecharan (Tesser Health)

Meet Riyaad Seecharan, CEO at Tesser Health. Riyaad discusses how conflict can be a good thing, relationships in business, the characteristics of an amazing team, and much more!

152: Annie Lord (Miami Homes For All)

Meet Annie Lord, Executive Director of Miami Homes For All. Annie discusses the need for stable housing in Miami’s lower income communities, ways her and MHFA are working to solve the housing security crisis, and more!

151: Enoch Showunmi (Global Soccer Pathways)

Meet Enoch Showunmi, Founder of Global Soccer Pathways. Enoch discusses how playing a sport can provide essential exposure for a young athlete’s career, the importance of using education as a tool to get you access to resources, and much more!

144: David Lekach (Serial Entrepreneur)

Meet David Lekach, successful serial entrepreneur. In this episode, David discusses how product placement is everything, why experience is the best teacher, and much more!

142: Alexandra Fuente (Woxer)

Meet Alexandra Fuente, Founder and CEO at Woxer. In this episode, we investigate the seams of her startup, her experiences as a minority business owner, the importance of taking the right risks, hiring the right people, going with your gut and much more!

141: Giovanni Castro (Verizon)

Meet Giovanni Castro, State & Local Government Manager at Verizon. Giovanni discusses his multifaceted career, the passions that drive him to make a difference, the realities of inequality, how the 5G revolution is making things better, bigger, and faster, and much more!

140: Uhriel Bedoya (Lime)

Meet Uhriel Bedoya, Florida General Manager at Lime. Uhriel discusses how micro-mobility is improving communities, why designing and building products that break barriers create smarter cities, how the start-up is tackling the competition, and much more!

139: Rebecca Danta (Miami Angels)

Meet Rebecca Danta, Managing Director of Miami Angels. Rebecca discusses the ways she is providing opportunities for minorities through investments, what she looks for in a company before investing, and much more!

135: Top 20 Countdown

Today’s episode is the last of several highlight shows where we took a look back at our top 20 favorite interviews and conversations of all time. Our last featured guest of this series is Anastasia Mikhalochkina, Founder at Lean Orb.