117: Richard Lamondin (EcoSystems)

Meet Richard Lamondin, Co-founder & CEO of EcoSystems. Richard sits down with the team to discuss the importance of speaking your customer’s language, the challenges that come with rapid scaling, his advice for business growth success, and much more!

116: Yenvy Truong (HealthSnap)

Meet Yenvy Truong CEO of HealthSnap. Yenvy discusses her passion for entrepreneurship, how the HealthSnap app works, the challenges of working alongside the medical industry, the benefits of user testing and feedback, and much more!

115: Carlos Vazquez (Miami EdTech)

Meet Carlos Vazquez, President & CEO of Miami EdTech. Carlos discusses his journey into the education and entrepreneurial ecosystem, helping Black and Latinx teachers gain support and better access to resources, getting teachers excited about technology again, and much more!

110: Jorge Cortes (MIA Ventures)

Meet Jorge Cortes, Founder of MIA Ventures. Jorge joins the team to discuss his entrepreneurial journey, his passion for tech innovation, organizing Startup SAFARI Miami, the innovation boom in Florida, his advice to Latin American startups, and much more!

109: Kilan Ashad-Bishop (Biomedical Scientist & Advocate)

Meet Kilan Ashad-Bishop, Biomedical Scientist & Advocate. Kilan discusses her dual life as a scientist and public advocate, the importance of communication in science, the threats of rising sea level in Miami and its effects, and much more!

108: Rashad Thomas (Miami Super Bowl Host Committee)

Meet Rashad Thomas, VP, Business Connect & Legacy Projects for the Miami Super Bowl Host Committee. Rashad discusses the Business Connect program and how to get involved with Super Bowl LIV, the importance of networking within the community, and much more!

107: Laura González-Estéfani (TheVentureCity)

Meet Laura González-Estéfani, Founder & CEO of TheVentureCity. Laura discusses the importance of working with diverse founders of diverse companies, what makes a good founder and business, and much more!

106: Lucas Hernández (Microsoft)

Meet Lucas Hernández, Director of Civic Engagement, Miami at Microsoft. Lucas discusses his commitment to connecting different communities to build a stronger Miami region, and more!

105: Tiara Miles (Koki)

Meet Tiara Miles, Founder & CEO of Koki. Tiara discusses how Koki got started, creating her business out of need not want, her early struggle to get business and decision to pivot, working with a business accelerator, and much more!

103: Alina Ruta (Cellvana Biotechnology)

Meet Alina Ruta, Founder & CEO of Cellvana Biotechnology. Alina discusses the difference between healthy and unhealthy cells, the importance of developing partnerships to find solutions, the mind + body connection for healing, and much more!