162: Laura Maydón (Business Leader, Investor, & Advisor)

Meet business leader, investor and advisor, Laura Maydón. Laura discusses her journey from Mexico City to Harvard Business School to Miami, as well as innovation in Miami, the importance of inclusion, and much more!

161: Marianna Lopez (Wander Not Lost)

Meet Marianna Lopez, Founder of Wander Not Lost. Marianna discusses being a Catalyst, connecting with your emotions on the deepest level, her advice to others wanting to become a healer, and much more!

157: Demian Bellumio (NEORIS)

Meet Demian Bellumio, VP of Augmented Intelligence at NEORIS. Demian discusses his evolution from music to algorithms, the differences between an entrepreneur and an intrapreneur, avoiding algorithmic bias, and much more!

156: Michelle McLean (Africa’s Finest Safaris)

Meet Michelle McLean, Founder of Africa’s Finest Safaris. Michelle discusses the importance of shifting narratives and changing perspectives, her experiences with Nelson Mandela, the characteristics of a strong leader, and much more!

155: Derek Fleming (MSDG, LLC)

Meet Derek Fleming, Managing Partner at MSDG, LLC. Derek discusses different perspectives in real estate development, the “cultural bottom line,” celebrating cultural heritage in development, and much more!

154: Ernisha Randolph (Sweet Butter Hospitality Group)

Meet Ernisha Randolph, CEO of Sweet Butter Hospitality Group. Ernisha discusses business insights, how she raised funds for her restaurant, mentoring other entrepreneurs through the coronavirus pandemic, and much more!

153: Riyaad Seecharan (Tesser Health)

Meet Riyaad Seecharan, CEO at Tesser Health. Riyaad discusses how conflict can be a good thing, relationships in business, the characteristics of an amazing team, and much more!

152: Annie Lord (Miami Homes For All)

Meet Annie Lord, Executive Director of Miami Homes For All. Annie discusses the need for stable housing in Miami’s lower income communities, ways her and MHFA are working to solve the housing security crisis, and more!

151: Enoch Showunmi (Global Soccer Pathways)

Meet Enoch Showunmi, Founder of Global Soccer Pathways. Enoch discusses how playing a sport can provide essential exposure for a young athlete’s career, the importance of using education as a tool to get you access to resources, and much more!

144: David Lekach (Serial Entrepreneur)

Meet David Lekach, successful serial entrepreneur. In this episode, David discusses how product placement is everything, why experience is the best teacher, and much more!