091: Aryan Rashed (JetSet Miami)

Meet Aryan Rashed, Co-owner of JetSet Miami. Aryan joins the team today to discuss creating a common purpose bigger than fitness, welcoming competition and learning from one another, encouraging authenticity, celebrating hard work, and much more!

090: Matthew Haber (CivicPro)

Meet Matthew Haber, Co-Founder at CivicPro. Matthew sits down with the team to discuss simplifying the government – resident interaction process, how CivicPro is working to increase non-electoral civic engagement, and much more.

082: Hajj Flemings (Rebrand Cities)

Meet Hajj Flemings, Founder & CEO of Rebrand Cities. Hajj discusses his goal of getting 10K small businesses online, the misconception that you have to have everything perfect before becoming an entrepreneur, his advice to small businesses for branding, and much more!

080: Elizabeth De Zulueta (Zulubots)

Meet Elizabeth De Zulueta, CEO of Zulubots. Elizabeth sits down with the team to discuss how she became passionate about engineering and robotics, learning how to pivot your business in order to keep it viable, her focus to build and manufacture in Miami, and more!

077: Chad Bernstein (Guitars Over Guns)

Meet Chad Bernstein, CEO & Co-Founder of Guitars Over Guns. Chad joins the team to discuss the limited access to music for students, improving social impact, the value of mentorship, music being able to address and bring inequalities in society to light, and much more!

076: Felecia Hatcher-Pearson (Code Fever)

Meet Felecia Hatcher-Pearson, Author & Co-Founder of Code Fever. Felecia discusses how to get creative when you have limited resources, learning to market yourself for what you’re good at, starting Code Fever and Black Tech Week, Miami’s diversity and inclusion issues, and more!

075: Dominick Ard’is (ACT House, INC)

Meet Dominick Ard’is, Founder and CEO at ACT House, INC. Dominick sits down with the team to discuss the ACT House and its mission, the importance of creating inclusive and diverse teams, the lack of resources minority groups are forced to combat, and much more!

073: Rebecca Fishman Lipsey (Radical Partners)

Meet Rebecca Fishman Lipsey, Founder & CEO of Radical Partners. Rebecca joins us to discuss why she started Radical Partners, how they are helping new ventures in Miami, starting projects to help ignite social change, the scarcity mindset in Miami, and much more!

072: Allan Daisley (Startupbootcamp)

Meet Allan Daisley, Managing Director at Startupbootcamp Digital Health Miami. Allan sits down with us to talk about what Startupbootcamp does, how to find product-market fit, the crowded healthcare industry, new medical technologies, and Miami’s potential for elevating its prominent industries.

070: Olga Granda (Miami New Drama)

Meet Olga Granda, Executive Director at Colony Theatre | Miami New Drama. Olga sits down with us to discuss Miami New Drama and their mission, the use of theater as a tool for storytelling about Miami’s history, working within the community to tell stories of local and national relevance, upcoming shows, and much more.