063: Luisa Santos (Lulu’s Ice Cream)

Meet Luisa Santos, Founder of Lulu’s Ice Cream. Luisa talks about how she started her business, the importance of networking, and much more.

062: Juha Mikkola (Wyncode Academy)

Meet Juha Mikkola, Co-Founder at Wyncode Academy. Wyncode is one of the top coding schools in the country with a 91% job placement rate. Juha sits down with us to talk about his entrepreneurial journey, starting Wyncode with his wife, tackling the supply problem in the technology industry, and much more!

060: Freddy Sidi (Chargello)

Meet Freddy Sidi, President and CEO of Chargello. Freddy sits down with us to talk about being a serial entrepreneur, how Chargello solves three problems at once, and much more!

057: Meena Jagannath (Community Justice Project)

Meet Meena Jagannath, Co-Founder at Community Justice Project. Meena talks about her experience in international human rights advocacy, how Community Justice Project fits into the legal services ecosystem in Miami, and much more.

055: Miriam Dorsett (Chibur)

Meet Miriam Dorsett, Connection Doctor at Chibur. Miriam sits down with Innovation City to talk about building communities, figuring out how to turn her passion into a business, and creating a space for writers and artists to thrive.

053: Howard Herring (New World Symphony)

Meet Howard Herring, President and CEO of New World Symphony. Howard joins us to talk about the power of a clear creative vision, the importance of investing in cultural infrastructure, and much more!

048: Mauricio Ferrazza (Miami Dade College)

Meet Mauricio Ferrazza, Chairperson of Miami Animation & Gaming International Complex (MAGIC) at Miami Dade College. Mauricio sits down with the Innovation City team to talk about building the animation industry in Miami and why he’s excited for our augmented reality future.

047: Anastasia Mikhalochkina (Lean Orb)

Meet Anastasia Mikhalochkina, Founder at Lean Orb. Anastasia joins Innovation City to talk about building better single-use products, educating consumers about sustainability, and her goal of helping Miami become a zero-waste city.

046: Natalia Martinez-Kalinina (CIC Global)

Meet Natalia Martinez-Kalinina, General Manager of CIC Miami and Latin America Lead of CIC Global. Natalia joins the team to talk about the advantages that Miami offers as a hub for innovation, the power of cross-stakeholder engagement, and the importance of making entrepreneurship accessible at all levels of society.

037: Sam Abbassi (BUSHIDO Lab)

Meet Sam Abbassi, Co-Founder and Partner at BUSHIDO Lab. A software engineer with a background in neuroscience and economics, Sam leads blockchain initiatives at BUSHIDO, where he works with a small team to turn Miami into the epicenter of blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies.