175: Derrick Miles (CourMed®)

Meet Derrick Miles, founder and CEO of CourMed, an innovative healthcare delivery service. Derrick is also the founder of TMB Equity Partner and a multiple patented inventor.

174: Daniel Uribe (

Meet Daniel Uribe, CEO and co-founder of, a digital wallet for genetic data. Daniel combined his cybersecurity and blockchain background with a personal experience to come up with the idea for Genobank.

173: Chris Adamo (WhereBy.Us)

Meet Chris Adamo, chief business officer at WhereBy.Us, an experiential media tech company that creates technology platforms, tools, content and local publication, and their newsletter platform, Letterhead.

172: Lila de la Chesnaye (Hunt Club)

Meet Lila de la Chesnaye, general manager of Hunt Club, a talent recruitment organization leveraging networks and social connection. Lila is a Miami Tech enthusiast who is passionate about scaling mission-driven, tech-forward, customer-centric companies.

171: Bill Harris (Nirvana)

Meet Bill Harris, CEO of Nirvana, an early-stage digital consumer financial services firm In Miami Beach. Bill has been in the tech/financial/cybersecurity space for over 30 years, and has started or run 11 companies.

170: Gabriela Sabate (Health Semantics)

Meet Gabriela Sabate, Founder & CEO of Health Semantics. Gabriela discusses how she got into the healthtech industry, the many more things we can do with technology, how to identify the right team members, and much more!

168: Marvin Wilmoth (Generation Development Group)

Meet Marvin Wilmoth, Managing Principal of Generation Development Group. Marvin discusses his community work through local politics, the Generation community model, countering the systematic disinvestment in underprivileged neighborhoods, and much more!

166: Galina Russell (REEF Technology)

Meet Galina Russell, Managing Director of REEF Technology. Galina discusses how she connects with her work, staying motivated to chase her ambitions, the importance of gathering and understanding data, REEF’s potential to help communities on a global scale, and much more!

165: Danie Spikes (Beloved, Inc.)

Meet Danie Spikes, CEO of Beloved, Inc. Danie discusses how her fragrance journey began, the relationship between self and others, learning to let go of control, and much more!

162: Laura Maydón (Business Leader, Investor, & Advisor)

Meet business leader, investor and advisor, Laura Maydón. Laura discusses her journey from Mexico City to Harvard Business School to Miami, as well as innovation in Miami, the importance of inclusion, and much more!