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Latest Episodes

117: Richard Lamondin (EcoSystems)

Meet Richard Lamondin, Co-founder & CEO of EcoSystems. Richard sits down with the team to discuss the importance of speaking your customer’s language, the challenges that come with rapid scaling, his advice for business growth success, and much more!


116: Yenvy Truong (HealthSnap)

Meet Yenvy Truong CEO of HealthSnap. Yenvy discusses her passion for entrepreneurship, how the HealthSnap app works, the challenges of working alongside the medical industry, the benefits of user testing and feedback, and much more!


115: Carlos Vazquez (Miami EdTech)

Meet Carlos Vazquez, President & CEO of Miami EdTech. Carlos discusses his journey into the education and entrepreneurial ecosystem, helping Black and Latinx teachers gain support and better access to resources, getting teachers excited about technology again, and much more!


114: Courtney Orlando (Artist & Producer)

Meet Courtney Orlando, Artist & Producer. Courtney sits down with the team to discuss his passion for music and how he got started, his Grammy win in 2013, the importance of business knowledge as an artist, his advocacy for mental health, and more!


113: Kiley Summers (SpenDebt)

Meet Kiley Summers, Founder & CEO of SpenDebt. Kiley discusses taking his “year of faith” and how he became debt free, how SpenDebt can help people with their debts, the St. Louis innovation ecosystem, and much more!


112: Mary Louise Helbig (ITEN)

Meet Mary Louise Helbig, Executive Director at ITEN. Mary discusses her passion for entrepreneurship, what makes a scalable business and what does not, the future of ITEN, and much more!


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