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Latest Episodes

121: Top 20 Countdown

Today’s episode is the first of several highlight shows where we are taking a look back at our top 20 favorite interviews and conversations of all time. Today’s featured guests include: Rodney Bullard, David Karandish, and Amanda Pizzaro.


120: Trusting Your Gut & Taking The Entrepreneurial Leap

In this episode, we are talking about facing your fears and taking the steps forward to face them head on and accomplish your goals.


119: Creating Increased Opportunity For All

In this episode, we are discussing inclusivity in our local ecosystems and hearing how these innovative entrepreneurs are tackling the issue in their own communities.


118: Does Your Business Solve Your Customer’s Needs?

In this episode, we are discussing product-market fit with 3 incredibly passionate entrepreneurs who know the importance of market fit all too well.


117: Richard Lamondin (EcoSystems)

Meet Richard Lamondin, Co-founder & CEO of EcoSystems. Richard sits down with the team to discuss the importance of speaking your customer’s language, the challenges that come with rapid scaling, his advice for business growth success, and much more!


116: Yenvy Truong (HealthSnap)

Meet Yenvy Truong CEO of HealthSnap. Yenvy discusses her passion for entrepreneurship, how the HealthSnap app works, the challenges of working alongside the medical industry, the benefits of user testing and feedback, and much more!


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