St. Louis

149: Pascal Beauboeuf (The Pascal Show)

Meet Pascal Beauboeuf, Executive Producer & Host of The Pascal Show. Pascal discusses what his idea of good dialogue is, the need for more public discourse on social justice, his process for scoring interviews, and much more!

148: Mich Hancock (100th Monkey)

Meet Mich Hancock, Founder & CEO of 100th Monkey. Mich discusses how building more inclusive online spaces sparks new ways of thinking, crafting messages that bring out the best in clients, and much more!

147: Austin Woods (Lewis and Clark Ventures)

Meet Austin Woods, Analyst at Lewis and Clark Ventures. Austin discusses his approach to “getting the boots on the ground” when it comes to solving problems, finding more interesting ways to meet the needs of ventures, producing quality publications, and much more!

146: Yvena Atkins (Accenture)

Meet Yvena Atkins, Strategy Manager for Accenture. Yvena discusses what it really takes to infuse innovation to help companies and communities grow, how intelligent technologies are going to change the way we live and work, and much more!

145: Tricia Zimmer Ferguson (Kaldi’s Coffee)

Meet Tricia Zimmer Ferguson, owner of Kaldi’s Coffee Roasting Company. Tricia discusses her drive to create the perfect cup of coffee, her passion for making an impact, how she makes and sustains global connections, and much more!

143: Kenneth “ToJo Bigg Dawg” Gibson (Bigg Dawg Entertainment)

Meet Kenneth “ToJo Bigg Dawg” Gibson, CEO of Bigg Dawg Entertainment. ToJo discusses entrepreneurship, lessons learned from the school of life, finding purpose and much more!

138: Jayson Wells (Experience Teller / Author / Enhancement Coach)

Meet Jayson Wells, Experience Teller, Author, and Enhancement Coach. Jayson discusses his “why,” how his years of playing basketball have shaped who he is, his key to being an effective storyteller, and much more!

137: Jimmy Hendricks (Lee Labs / Agency Maestro)

Meet Jimmy Hendricks, General Manager of Lee Labs and Founder of Agency Maestro. Jimmy sits down with the Innovation City team to discuss his entrepreneurial background and journey, and much more!

136: Leigh-Ann Buchanan (Venture Café Miami)

Today’s guest is Leigh-Ann Buchanan, Executive Director of Venture Café Miami. Leigh-Ann is the founding Executive Director of Venture Café Miami. We are so excited to have Leigh-Ann joining us not only for this first episode of season 3, but to be joining Tyler as a co-host of the show!

135: Top 20 Countdown

Today’s episode is the last of several highlight shows where we took a look back at our top 20 favorite interviews and conversations of all time. Our last featured guest of this series is Anastasia Mikhalochkina, Founder at Lean Orb.