123: Top 20 Countdown

Top 20 Countdown: Week 3

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Today’s episode is the third of several highlight shows where we are taking a look back at our top 20 favorite interviews and conversations of all time. Today’s featured guests are:

Some key points from Brandon at Moonbase Market:

  • The tremendous growth of E-sports, building a career as an E-sports athlete
  • Venture capital’s interest in E-gaming
  • South Korea’s dominant role in E-sports
  • What draws people to watch E-sports
  • The high-level of performance and dedication required to be a world-class E-sports athlete
  • Similarities to other world-class athletes, like Lebron James and other NBA stars
  • Building a business as an advertising platform
  • Building a viewer base
  • The importance of gaming to a generation that grew up on it, and used it to help find and establish friendships
  • The power of gaming to build community
  • Listen or watch Brandon’s full episode here

Some key points from Sam at Algorand:

  • The difference between blockchain and cryptocurrency
  • Blockchain as the underlying technology of all cryptocurrencies
  • The beginning of blockchain: anarchists hunting for economic freedom
  • Being in the early days of blockchain infrastructure; the ideas of what is possible outstrip the capabilities at the moment
  • The power of combining science, technology, and art
  • How to get started as a blockchain developer: start on Ethereum
  • Crypto-kitties; the value of digital scarcity
  • Resources for learning about blockchain: CoinDesk, Cointelegraph, and others
  • Blockchain opportunities still to come
  • Listen or watch Sam’s full episode here