095: Jeff Stevens (WellBeing Brewing)

Jeff Stevens on Innovation City

“Raising money is hard, but you stumble through it…you work your way through every phase of the [startup] process.” — Jeff Stevens

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Today’s guest is Jeff Stevens, Founder of WellBeing Brewing. WellBeing Brewing is a craft brewing company that is solely dedicated to brewing non-alcoholic craft beer. Jeff sits down with the team to discuss how he got started brewing NA beer, the non-alcoholic brewing process, acceptance in the craft beer community, marketing and selling NA beer nationally, the struggle of raising money for your venture, and much more!

They discuss:

  • Stopping drinking at age 24, but loving nightlife and going out with friends/family
  • Working in the marketing world for several years on beer and spirits accounts
  • After the micro-brewing market started to kick off, he realized that there were no good options for non-alcoholic beer drinkers
  • WellBeing is one of the first breweries dedicated to solely offering non-alcoholic beer
  • Non-alcoholic beer is difficult to make, which Jeff feels is the reason companies don’t do it
  • Stop fermentation process doesn’t allow the beer to ferment and create the alcohol
    • This process creates a very sweet beer
  • Going through a regular fermentation process is fine, but you have to boil the alcohol out
    • This process ruins the flavoring
  • WellBeing uses a machine made in Munich, Germany called a vacuum distillation machine
  • The machine puts the finished beer into a vacuum, lowers the boiling temperature to room temperature, and gently removes the alcohol from the beer
    • This process keeps the flavors, aromas, and mouth feel in tact
  • The stigma that typically comes with being sober in a nightlife setting
  • Working with beer and spirits companies in his marketing days gave him a network of people to reach out to for support/help getting started
  • Working with O’Fallon Brewing Company
  • WellBeing’s presence has caused some controversy in the beer community with many questioning the definition of beer and if NA beer fits in
  • All NA beers have less than 0.5% alcohol (the equivalent of a banana)
  • Looking to make a 0.0% beer for those who cannot drink any alcohol at all
  • NA beer could be compared to soda in terms of sugar and calorie content
  • The struggle of selling in retail locations and getting recognition
  • Heineken recently released a 0.0% beer, which helped recognition of NA beers globally
  • NA beer can be shipped directly to the consumer, whereas regular beer cannot
  • WellBeing started selling online and shipping to customers as soon as they could
  • News articles and word of mouth have helped market the brand
  • The challenge Jeff had of learning the business and e-commerce side of starting a company
  • Going through the Square One Ignite Program
    • 12 week program
    • Helped him through all stages of getting the business off the ground
  • The struggle of raising money for your venture
  • Getting funding support from Nvsted – WellBeing was the first company Nvsted funded
  • Getting to the point of breaking even, allowing increasing revenue to follow
  • New beers in the coming months
    • A sport beer with electrolytes (Michelob Ultra X Gatorade)
    • Possibility of a CBD-infused beer
  • Reach out to WellBeing on their website to learn more or place an order
  • Connect with Jeff via email