094: Romi Bhatia (The Idea Center)

Romi Bhatia on Innovation City

“Entrepreneurship is not something just rests within the business schools, it is cross-disciplinary.” — Romi Bhatia

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Today’s guest is Romi Bhatia, Executive Director of The Idea Center at Miami Dade College. The Idea Center offers a support network for all MDC students and community members to make creative, innovative, and entrepreneurial ideas come true. Romi sits down with the team to discuss the importance of real-world application in a teaching setting, the center’s main teaching methodologies, his passion for economic empowerment, starting Scale Up Miami, and much more!

They discuss:

  • Miami Dade is the largest higher education institution in the country (around 165K students)
  • MDC x Tesla partnership
    • Earn and learn program for students
  • Building more partnerships to help provide resources to students
  • MDC making higher education as affordable as possible
  • The Idea Center is both students and the community
  • Using experiential learning
  • Piloting new courses at the center to get feedback and optimize for the schools to take over and provide to students long term
  • The importance of real-world application in a teaching setting
  • Needing flexible schedules to work around the students who work full time or take a full course load on top of the center’s classes
  • The center runs with an entrepreneurial mindset
  • The center’s main teaching methodologies:
    • Design-Thinking approach
    • Business start-up methodology
    • Business model canvas
  • Trying to disrupt MDC internally since they are such a large organization
  • MDC is part of a business higher education forum that works with 40+ other universities and corporate companies to figure out industry needs
  • Top skills that are in high demand:
    • Creativity
    • Complex decision making
    • Team building
    • Data analytics
    • Emotional intelligence
    • Collaborative learning
    • Project management
  • ⅔ of students work part or full time and about 45% live at or below the poverty line
  • His passion for economic empowerment
  • Starting Scale Up Miami
    • Program focused on helping people in underprivileged communities get access to resources and fundamentals needed to grow their businesses
    • So far, they’ve worked with 75 small business
    • Working towards sustainability for the small businesses to stay in their communities
    • Helping business owners become business leaders
  • MDC is an Ashoka U Changemaker campus
  • Teaching students who want to learn about entrepreneurship- about change making in their communities
  • Reach out to The Idea Center on their website, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook & Instagram
  • Connect with Romi via email