151: Enoch Showunmi (Global Soccer Pathways)

Enoch Showunmi on Innovation City

“You feel like there’s no limits when you see other people doing it [following their dreams] and it’s like, “Yeah, I can do this too.”” – Enoch Showunmi

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Today’s guest is Enoch Showunmi, Founder of Global Soccer Pathways. Global Soccer Pathways is a resource for players to get education, elite training, and mindset training. Enoch is a former professional soccer player and played for the Nigeria National Soccer Team within just 1 year of becoming a pro player. After playing soccer professionally for over a decade, Enoch started Global Soccer Pathways and is now helping student athletes develop their game and create a SUPERSTAR mindset via his specialty programming. In this episode, Tyler and Leigh-Ann sit down with Enoch to learn more about the sport of soccer, how playing a sport can provide essential exposure for a young athlete’s career, the importance of using education as a tool to get you access to resources, the importance of networking as a new founder, and much more!

They discuss:

  • Becoming a professional soccer player at age 21
  • His passion for soccer began when he was 8 years old
  • Soccer helped him stay “off the streets” in the neighborhood he grew up in
  • Many kids don’t have access to the correct resources to be able to go pro or even get on the right pathway to becoming pro
  • The importance of using education as a tool to get you access to resources
  • It took Enoch several “no’s” to finally get a “yes” and go pro
    • Going pro at age 21 is considered late, compared to his soccer peers
  • Top 3 skills from learning/playing soccer professionally:
    • Communication
    • Discipline
    • Willful Mindset
  • Poetry is a side passion of Enoch’s. It is an outlet for him when he’s feeling stressed.
  • Many young players put too much into their sports training and not enough effort into their education
    • Enoch wants his organization to help athletes find a balance and be successful in both arenas
  • The importance of networking as a new founder
  • Soccer is bigger than just the game itself
    • There are a multitude of roles within the soccer field (pun intended)
    • Many young athletes get exposed to other types of career paths they might not have known about before playing
  • Visit Global Soccer Pathways on their website
  • Read Enoch’s poetry on his personal blog
  • Connect with Enoch on Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn

Lightning Round

  • How are you making a difference in this world?
    • Trying to create pathways for as many young soccer players (globally) as possible, so they can be exposed to something different than their everyday lives
  • What do you want to let go of?
    • All limits and beliefs
  • What is something new you tried recently and loved?
    • His online NLP course
  • What moves you to tears or gives you goosebumps?
    • Seeing stories of people breaking past the limits that could have set them back
  • What have you witnessed that has strengthened your faith in humanity?
    • People coming together for a common cause or purpose