120: Trusting Your Gut & Taking The Entrepreneurial Leap

Trusting Your Gut & Taking The Entrepreneurial Leap

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Today’s episode is the last of 3 special shows where we are taking a look back at some of the most prominent themes from our 2019 guest interviews and highlighting them in 3 different episodes. In this episode, we are talking about facing your fears and taking the steps forward to face them head on and accomplish your goals. Today’s featured guests include:

Some key points from Adam at Qstodian:

  • The importance of listening to the marketplace
  • Taking learning curves as they come
  • Any failed venture is a learning moment
  • People who are dedicated, hard working, & willing to solve problems are the most attractive when looking to hire
  • Working through the hard times to come out stronger and more successful
  • Listen or watch Adam’s full episode here

Some key points from Junior at Auténtico Podcast:

  • Be very intentional about everything you do
  • Using the podcast to help latino entrepreneurs scale their businesses
  • His podcast about failing forward and making the most of your mistakes
  • Wanting to bring value to the latino listeners and showing the impact his guests have
  • Pushing through negativity to continue focusing on your goals
  • Listen or watch Junior’s full episode here

Some key points from Lisa at Lux and Nyx:

  • Documenting her first year startup journey
  • Her on-the-go lifestyle led her to create a bag that could keep up with her
  • Her biggest challenge in leaving the corporate world was the fear of the unknown
  • Her internal struggle to explore her passion or to stay on her steady corporate path
  • The importance of creating a business plan
  • Understanding that the true cost of a startup is about 2-3X more what you might plan it to cost
  • The demands of being a full time entrepreneur
  • The importance of networking and marketing when you’re selling a new product
  • Finding a balance of getting the word out but not being annoying about it
  • Give your passions all that you can
  • Be prepared for both positive and negative feedback
  • You will know when it’s time to go after your passion when you can’t stop thinking about it
  • Listen or watch Lisa’s full episode here

Some key points from Alejandro at Emerson:

  • The importance of goal setting
  • Anticipating roadblocks and staying motivated
  • Alejandro says to “do something that moves you”
  • Getting excited about what you do everyday
  • Every person you meet is an opportunity for mentorship and learning
  • Looking at the world with less of a judgemental eye and more of an observational one
  • Learn how to handle feedback from anyone
  • Development happens first with awareness and then practice
  • Keeping a gratitude journal and writing what you’re grateful for everyday or every week
  • Finding someone who you can be vulnerable with and confide in when you need it
  • The importance of exposing yourself to other communities
  • Understanding how you think/work best and leverage that to be the most productive
  • Listen or watch Alejandro’s full episode here