116: Yenvy Truong (HealthSnap)

Yenvy Truong on Innovation City

“[During user testing] You have to know how to decipher if it is a one-off feedback or a common feedback when trying to understand how to build your product correctly.” — Yenvy Truong

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Today’s guest is Yenvy Truong, Co-founder & CEO of HealthSnap. HealthSnap is a Miami-based health technology company creating a new standard in healthcare by bridging the gap between lifestyle and medicine. Yenvy joins us to discuss her passion for entrepreneurship, how the HealthSnap app works, the challenges of working alongside the medical industry, the benefits of user testing and feedback, helping people easily make lifestyle modifications for preventative care, and much more!

They discuss:

  • Having a passion for entrepreneurship and hustling from a very young age
  • Starting her career as a chemist, but quickly realizing she wanted something more
  • Working a medical salesperson doing cold calls allowed her to fine tune how she introduces products to people to quickly grab their attention
  • Her advice for getting past the gatekeeper: be polite and ask them for help instead of trying to sell them immediately
  • HealthSnap is her 4th startup in her entrepreneurial journey
  • Doctors are not having enough conversations with their patients about “lifestyle” and how it affects your health
  • Many people don’t realize that through simple lifestyle changes, they can improve their health
  • The app was built with the idea of providing easy and useful tips for users to integrate into their everyday life
  • A large hurdle they had to overcome with the app was how it would integrate with doctor’s existing workflows
  • User testing of HealthSnap with local doctors
  • The hardest thing for her was figuring out which pieces of feedback she needed to take into account for optimizations of the app
  • Understanding the difference between one-off feedback and common feedback
  • Yenvy describes HealthSnap as a lifestyle analytics data company
  • The app can be used as a consumer (starting 12/13/19) or through your doctor
  • Data gets pulled from various health apps already on a users phone (i.e. MyFitnessPal, Apple Health App, etc)
  • HealthSnap looks at a user’s cardiovascular health, metabolic health, sleep, stress, behavior, etc to figure out how you live and how it affects your health
  • The app is available only in the US market right now, with rapid growth ongoing
  • The main goal of the app is to help users achieve lifestyle modifications for preventative care
  • Doctors are able to set parameters and triggers to receive alerts when a patient’s health is going in the wrong direction
  • Yenvy is excited to look through data updates that will further advance the app to provide more health predictions for users
  • The app utilizes AI technology to understand a user’s hobbies and interests so that lifestyle modifications can be more relevant to the user
  • There is a such thing as too much data
  • Consumers (millennials specifically) are overwhelmed with the amount of health advice available and oftentimes don’t know who to trust
  • HealthSnap becomes available to all consumers in the app store on December 13, 2019
  • Reach out to HealthSnap on their website and on social media @myhealthsnap