102: Andrew Glantz (GiftAMeal)

Andrew Glantz on Innovation City

“Start early. Test things out and fail and perform small experiments to learn. Otherwise, if you’re waiting [for the perfect time] you could yield nothing.” — Andrew Glantz

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Today’s guest is Andrew Glantz, Founder & CEO at GiftAMeal. GiftAMeal is an app that provides a meal to someone in need each time customers dine at a partner restaurant. Andrew sits down with the team to discuss the importance of removing barriers in the donation process, the value of being a purpose driven organization, his love for the St. Louis startup scene, his advice for startups looking to scale up, and much more!

They discuss:

  • His passion for giving back stems back to his childhood
  • Starting his nonprofit work in high school
  • Not being afraid to ask for money/donations
  • Donors respond better to donation requests when there is a clear tangible outcome
    • Ex. If you give $10, then you’re giving a child school lunches for 3 days
    • Ex. If you give $25, then you’re giving a family 3 bags of groceries for the week
  • The importance of removing barriers in the donation process
  • How does GiftAMeal work?
    • GiftAMeal is an app that provides a meal to someone in need each time you dine at a partner restaurant
  • The value of being a purpose driven organization
  • Getting inspiration from the success of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
  • Taking millennial’s love for giving back and taking food pictures and combining them into something meaningful
  • 25K+ users on the app
    • Data has shown that the app users continue to go back to those restaurants, have higher bills, & tip more
  • If users share their photo on social media outside of the app, GiftAMeal will donate additional meals
  • GiftAMeal users provide a form of branding/marketing collateral for the restaurants with the images posted
  • His love for the St. Louis startup scene
    • The ecosystem allows startups to grow steadily while scaling up instead of rushing the process
  • Finding many angel investors who want to make a profit, but more importantly want to make an impact
  • GiftAMeal is currently in St. Louis, Chicago, & Detroit
    • Over 150 restaurant partners
    • Over 25,000 app users
    • Given over 300,000 meals
  • Meals are given to families all over their designated cities, as not to limit anyone having access
  • Recently hired 2 full time employees
  • Furthering their partnership with Operation Food Search
  • Looking for ways to create a referral program for food banks
  • Andrew hopes to take GiftAMeal nationwide in the coming years
  • Advice for startups looking to scale up:
    • Don’t put all your eggs in one basket
    • Think through contingency plans for different things you can experiment with
    • Test things out early to allow for failures and learning
  • Providing the partner restaurants with promo materials to place around the restaurant
  • Download the app on Apple App Store and Google Play Store
  • Connect with GiftAMeal via Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter
  • Reach out to Andrew on LinkedIn