091: Aryan Rashed (JetSet Miami)

Aryan Rashed on Innovation City

“Being candid with other entrepreneurs about your vulnerabilities or places that you want to improve actually enhance the business.” — Aryan Rashed

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Today’s guest is Aryan Rashed, Co-owner of JetSet Miami. JetSet Miami is a fitness studio that utilities a modern form of pilates to transform your body and mind. Aryan joins the team today to discuss her passion for fitness and starting JetSet, creating a common purpose bigger than fitness, welcoming competition and learning from one another, the importance of negotiating as a small business owner, giving back to the community, encouraging authenticity, celebrating hard work, and much more!

They discuss:

  • Her passion for fitness
  • Wanting to build communities with the gyms
  • Creating a common purpose bigger than fitness
  • Fitness being a hard business to get into, in Miami specifically
  • Working with other fitness studios around her
  • Working with other female fitness entrepreneurs and being open about their businesses
  • Welcoming competition and learning from one another
  • The concept of “fake it to you make it” and it’s benefits
  • The importance of negotiating as a small business owner
  • Knowing ways to save yourself money (i.e. long leases, no personal guarantees, construction, etc)
  • The importance of location and how that affects your bottom dollar
    • Prime but not too popular areas and up and coming areas
  • Being honest and realistic with yourself about your numbers
  • Things to pay close attention to, to know if you should scale up:
    • Know your numbers
    • Retention (both clients and employees)
    • Referrals
    • Attendance
    • Community impact
  • Wanting to make a mark on the Miami community
  • Giving back to the community, regardless of your company size
  • Accessibility and fitness being a right not a privilege
  • Defining success into 3 parts:
    • Creation
    • Completion
    • Deletion
  • Wishing she would have memorialized JetSet’s values more early on
  • Hiring people who take the extra steps to do a great job and want to uphold the company values
  • Making sure that you adhere to your own company values to set an example for the employees
  • Encouraging authenticity between employee – client interactions
  • Reach out to JetSet Miami on their website to learn more or sign up for a class