089: Alejandro Cornejo (Emerson)

Alejandro Cornejo on Innovation City

“Do something that moves you … just start with something that gets you excited and see where it takes you.” — Alejandro Cornejo

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Today’s guest is Alejandro Cornejo, Leadership Development Trainer at Emerson. Emerson concentrates on challenges facing the process, industrial, commercial and residential markets. Alejandro joins the team to discuss his passion for influencing and impacting people, the importance of goal setting and anticipating roadblocks, how to handle feedback from anyone, doing something that moves you, and the importance of exposing yourself to other communities.Reach out to Alejandro on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter for more insights and info!

They discuss:

  • Getting his inspiration from Brian Tracy
  • His passion for influencing and impacting people
  • Working in the music industry
  • Coming to America from El Salvador with his family
  • His struggle to get access to resources that could help him be successful
  • Getting a degree in HR management and starting a new journey in his career
    • He had no background in HR, but had a passion for wanting to help develop people
  • The importance of goal setting
  • Anticipating roadblocks and staying motivated
  • Alejandro says to “do something that moves you”
  • Getting excited about what you do everyday
  • Every person you meet is an opportunity for mentorship and learning
  • Looking at the world with less of a judgmental eye and more of an observational one
  • How to handle feedback from anyone
  • We live in an evaluation society
  • Society, by default, spins things negatively, but positive thinking can be developed
  • Development happens first with awareness and then practice
  • Keeping a gratitude journal and writing what you’re grateful for everyday or every week
  • Finding someone who you can be vulnerable with and confide in when you need it
  • The importance of exposing yourself to other communities
  • Understanding how you think/work best and leverage that to be the most productive
  • Reach out to Alejandro on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter