086: Morgan Ingram (JBarrows Sales Training)

Morgan Ingram on Innovation City

“Grow 1% better every single day. That’s it. What is one new tip that I can try out or learn?” — Morgan Ingram

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Today’s guest is Morgan Ingram, Director of Sales at JBarrows Sales Training. Morgan is one of the top 50 sales leaders to follow on LinkedIn and his work has been featured in Forbes, Sales Hacker, HubSpot Blog and Harvard Business Review. JBarrows Sales Training is an online and in-person professional sales training, and coaching company. Morgan sits down with the team to discuss the importance of personal branding, learning to effectively communicate with your audience, filling the sales education void on YouTube, the changing ways of selling and how to keep up with it, how to attract a good salesperson, and much more!

They discuss:

  • Being named one of the top 50 sales leaders to follow on LinkedIn
  • His work has been featured in Forbes, Sales Hacker, HubSpot Blog, Harvard Business Review, and more
  • LinkedIn being a catalyst for his career
  • The importance of personal branding and how to harness it to showcase what you do well
  • Learning to effectively communicate with your audience
  • Started making videos on Facebook, then moved to Periscope, and then landed on YouTube with a channel focused on talking about sales
  • Filling the sales education void on YouTube
  • Talking about his experiences and creating a personable touch with his videos
  • Focusing on what you’re good at and build your brand off that
  • Respecting each platform for their individuality just as you would respect different cultures
  • The mantra “Keep Dialing” and its importance for any type of sales
  • The changing ways of selling and how to keep up with it
  • Becoming more of a consultant and guide for clients rather than straight salesperson
  • Startups are missing the education part of selling and going straight to a product sell
  • Understanding your prospect’s problem and how your product can be the solution
  • The issue of poorly done cold calls
  • Selling is a multi-touch process (calls, emails, direct mail, video, social, etc)
  • Reach out to a prospect for at least 20-30 days
  • If you don’t hear anything back, start looking for other contacts
  • If you still don’t hear anything, wait 3-4 months for a new quarter and see what changes the company has made for the possibility of a new conversation
  • Never focus on just one customer- have multiple leads at all times
  • How to attract a good salesperson
  • Understand the type of salesperson you want
  • Look for people who fit your company culture
  • The importance of understanding where your audience lives
  • LinkedIn is the #1 platform for organic reach
  • Putting yourself out there and making yourself stand out is the key to personal branding
  • Sales education is an area that more people need to capitalize on
  • Morgan’s best tip: grow yourself 1% every single day
  • Reach out to Morgan on LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube