072: Allan Daisley (Startupbootcamp)

Allan Daisley on Innovation City

Investors (most of the time) will forgive inefficiencies … but you have to establish interest and you have to be more disciplined. — Allan Daisley

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Today’s guest is Allan Daisley, Managing Director at Startupbootcamp Digital Health Miami. Startupbootcamp is a global entrepreneurial support organization that focuses on mentorship, seed investment, scale programs, & innovation programs. Allan sits down with us to talk about what Startupbootcamp does, how to find product-market fit, the crowded healthcare industry, new medical technologies, and Miami’s potential for elevating its prominent industries.

They discuss:

  • Co-Founded a healthcare startup in 2011 in an effort to bring medical device technology to the marketplace
  • What is Startupbootcamp?
    • Global entrepreneurial support organization
    • Programs in multiple countries
    • They take entrepreneurs through the commercialization process and help them create connections and get investments
    • Focus on mentorship, seed investment, scale programs, & innovation programs
  • Most startups will fail with 3-5 years
  • Finding your product/market fit
  • Utilizing traction to help getting the business off the ground running
  • Establishing metrics and goals to keep the business on track
  • Healthcare industry being crowded
  • Traveling and taking a global look at the innovative startups to find the best options for their investors
  • New movement in the social determinants of health
    • Transportation, income, home environment, social inclusion, etc
  • The different and exciting new technologies Allan gets to see
    • App to store all health records and provide personalized health tips
  • Issue of who should store medical data- the hospitals or the patients
  • Moving from the software technology industry to the healthcare industry
  • Always having an interest in healthcare and passion for helping people
  • Memphis being a large medical device city in the US
  • Talking with people in the healthcare industry about issues or things that are missing in the industry
  • Moving to Miami one year ago to begin working with Startupbootcamp
  • Miami being a good market for testing new medical technologies and products
  • The diversity of Miami’s community
  • Miami’s bright energy and future
    • Hoping the city can focus its efforts on moving forward with new technology and innovation
  • The areas that Miami excels at:
    • Healthcare
    • Service and Hospitality
    • Travel and Tourism
    • Logistics
  • Bringing all the areas together and elevating them
  • Visit Startupbootcamp on their website
  • Connect with Allan on Twitter and LinkedIn