060: Freddy Sidi (Chargello)

Freddy Sidi on Innovation City

“You’ve just got to be able to stand back up and keep going.” — Freddy Sidi

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Today’s guest is Freddy Sidi, President and CEO of Chargello. Freddy is a serial entrepreneur whose first company (started when he was just 20 years old) quickly became one of the largest CLECs in the entire United States. Chargello is a free phone-charging battery service and advertising platform designed for public spaces like restaurants, hotels, and airports. Freddy sits down with us to talk about being a serial entrepreneur, how Chargello solves three problems at once, and why sometimes you have to listen to yourself and tune everyone else out.

They discuss:

  • Freddy’s lifelong career as a serial entrepreneur, founding and building companies
  • What to expect when starting a business:
    • The need to pivot
    • Plans change, plans fail
    • Prepare to take your hits and get back up
  • The inspiration for Chargello
  • Solving 3 problems at once:
    • Everyone’s phone battery always dying
    • Venues struggling to manage charging guests’ phones
      • Guests leaving when their phones die and can’t get charged
    • A strong advertising platform with a positive payoff for sponsors
  • Bootstrapping Chargello before joining Endeavor
  • Endeavor is an entrepreneurship network that is helping them scale
  • The importance of getting the product right
  • Product or Service Provider? Why not both?
  • Scaling for different venues; any public arena where people stay for a long period of time, they will want to charge their phones.
    • Restaurants, hotels, banks, hair salons, doctors’ offices, banks, gyms, hospitals
  • The phone charging demand was bigger than Freddy and his team expected
  • They are now looking at sporting event venues, MIA airport
  • Two models: paid service or ad-supported
  • Their biggest challenge: the ad industry is very old and behind the times
  • The struggle of getting traditional brands to advertise on digital (and on batteries!)
  • How to prove advertising value without solid numbers
  • The challenges entrepreneurs face:
    • Financial
    • Customers’ expectations
    • Personnel
    • The Unknown
  • Why sometimes you have to trust yourself and not listen to outsiders
  • The importance of making sure your users are happy
  • What new challenges Freddy faces with Chargello
  • The difference between being in the software business and being in the hardware business
  • “Are you solving a problem?”
  • Solving problems that are unknown often offers the biggest opportunity
  • The trouble of inventing solutions that don’t scale
  • Products can work in Miami, or San Francisco, that don’t work anywhere else, because of the specific ecosystems of those cities
  • “Solve a problem. Make sure that it scales. Make a difference that matters.”
  • Funding is easy in certain markets and very tough in others:
  • Networking and fundraising in Miami is completely different than New York or California