055: Miriam Dorsett (Chibur)

Miriam Dorsett on Innovation City

“My role is to go out and find people that are… on fire, doing really good things… and accelerate that.” — Miriam Dorsett

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Today’s guest is Miriam Dorsett, Connection Doctor at Chibur. She is a full-time artist, entrepreneur, and community activator focused on building community, creating connections, exploring how technology can support artists, and highlighting sustainability. Chibur is a Hebrew word that means “attachment” or “connection from heaven to earth.” Miriam is also a prolific writer — her first book is titled, “What Should I Caption This Picture?”. Miriam sits down with Michael and Tyler to talk about building communities, figuring out how to build her passion into a business, and creating a space for writers and artists to thrive.

They discuss:

  • Working with community organizations
  • Finding people who are already doing good things and helping them accelerate their work
  • Mentoring people at early stages of their careers
  • Various forms of connection are necessary for growth
  • Connecting to others, connecting to yourself
  • Becoming a writer
  • Writing as a tool of empowerment, of establishing and clarifying a sense of self
  • Writing for oneself vs. writing for work
  • Working with other writers and contracting out to other writers
  • Writers need to unionize; why don’t writers have more power?
  • Project IA; a tool for writers to put their work up for sale, where companies and publishers can bid on their work
  • The struggle to remain present and stay off the phone
  • “What Should I Caption This Picture?” Writing captions in advance for Instagram, by the time she was done, Miriam had written 700 pages of captions
  • The importance of putting out positivity and refraining from negativity
  • The importance of continuous creation
  • The process of becoming an artist (for some people) involves forgetting everything you’ve been taught
  • Teaching artists how to monetize their work