044: Mark Prendergast (AB Mauri North America)

Mark Prendergast on Innovation City

“It starts with a why: why are you doing it? Are you actually passionate about doing it, or is it just a job?” — Mark Prendergast

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Today’s guest is Mark Prendergast, President of AB Mauri North America. Headquartered in St. Louis, ABMNA is the largest division of AB Mauri, a global yeast and baking ingredients business. AB Mauri is also home to AB Biotek, a yeast innovation startup. Mark has over 20 years in the baking industry and he is also a non-executive director of Bridge Bread Bakery, a St. Louis-based nonprofit bakery that provides job opportunities for people experiencing homelessness or who are housing insecure. Mark sits down with our team today to talk about the baking industry as a whole, his time working at startups in the early 2000s, the importance of developing a passion for your work, and the power of fully-engaged employees.

They discuss:

  • AB Mauri: supplying baking solutions to the world’s bakers
  • AB Mauri’s headquarters in the Cortex Innovation District: the bakingHUB™, AB Mauri’s 5,000 SF experimental baking kitchen and yeast lab
  • AB Mauri is a division of Associated British Foods—they are not affiliated with Anheuser-Busch in any way
  • Mark’s background in baking; he knows pretty much everything there is to know about baking
  • 150 years of producing Fleischmann’s Yeast
  • How innovation fits into the baking business
  • Yeast business and ingredients business
  • Turning a thumbnail of product into 50,000 lbs. of yeast in 5 days
  • The science of yeast creation and food preservation
  • Enzyme technology
  • The science behind the squeeze test
  • Baking challenges: gluten-free, reduced sugar, reduced salt, reduced fat
  • The explosive growth of tortilla sales
  • The technology behind tortilla wraps
  • The difference between being a local baker and being an industrial-size baker with long supply chains
  • Being considered crazy when he committed AB Mauri to being the 2nd tenant in the Cortex’s 4240 Building
  • Mark’s brief entrepreneurial background: working in startups, working at an incubator, selling toys online
  • More similarities between startups and industry giants than not
  • AB Mauri products in roughly 40% of homes across the U.S.
  • Why every business needs a unique value proposition
  • How small business experience can give leaders a stronger understanding of how their businesses work
  • The importance of finding your business’ “Why?”
  • The importance of building a passion for the work
  • Being passionate for baking is the key to AB Mauri’s growth
  • Technical sales bakers working in the field in bakeries around the country
  • Explaining the why at every level of production
  • Overt and subtle engagement of the why throughout the company
  • The benefits of a satisfied and engaged customer
  • The importance of having the right people
  • Engaged staff are safe staff; the importance of providing safe working environments
  • The humble nature of the baking industry
  • The power of 1:1 interactions
  • Doing what needs to be done and going where you’re told to go
  • The optimism inherent in Venture Cafe
  • Novel uses for yeast: AB Biotek’s work developing fermentation yeast
  • Serving as the largest supplier of yeast to the Scotch Whisky industry
  • The importance of yeast to recent developments in fake meat
  • 6 bakers currently working at AB Mauri have graduated from Bridge Bread Bakery’s bakery training program, with about 20 total alumni who have moved on to other careers
  • The lack of hope that contributes to hopelessness, and how Bakery Bread helps rebuild their employee’s sense of hope