042: Genera Moore (Motorparts Nation)

Genera Moore on Innovation City

“If it’s crazy, run for it — do it… You don’t get a lot of crazy visions.” — Genera Moore

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Today’s guest is Genera Moore, Founder of Motorparts Nation. Motorparts Nation is a U.S.-based company that exports aftermarket auto parts to Africa. Genera also took Lexani Motorcars to dealerships in Dubai through the Deals on Wheels program, and recently launched Tano Travel a travel company for tourists visiting West Africa. Find Tano Travel on Instagram at @tanotravel.

They discuss:

  • The popularity of the Nissan Xterra in Africa
  • Genera’s time in Dubai, where she brought in celebrities for events and concerts like:
    • Dubai World Cup; the richest horse race in the world
    • Dralion and Michael Jackson Immortal Tour
    • Cirque Du Soleil
    • Events for the royal family
  • The importance of tourism for Dubai’s economy; the surrounding countries don’t allow large parties or events with alcohol
  • Learning about the power of import/export trade to build wealth
  • The attraction of the automotive industry; a large luxury market
  • Why Africa? It does not manufacture its own automotive parts, so it is dependent on imports
  • Serious deaths have resulted from fake autoparts
  • The importance of building a brand based on real parts, trust, and safety
  • Working in Ghana and Nigeria
  • How to offer credit via trade insurance to buyers who don’t trust a seller they don’t know
  • STEP Grants that help American businesses build successful export programs
    • Offered in Missouri and many other states
    • Get 50% of costs covered for travel, lodging, trade shows, and foreign buyer services
  • The importance of taking advantage of your opportunities
  • Neurolinguistic programming
  • The Power of Now
  • Dealing with loss after her grandmother’s death
  • How to build trust in uncertain markets around the globe
  • The importance of integrity
  • How to add value and build repeat business
  • Building rapport and going above and beyond
  • Why Genera got into the automotive industry: cars will always break down and getting them fixed is always the first priority
  • The power of connections and the importance of networking
  • You need to trust yourself, trust your idea, and find an organization that will help you build it into a business
  • Tano Travel – the new travel company Genera just launched