032: Farris Bukhari (10b live arts incubator)

Farris Bukhari on Innovation City

“Sweat equity. It’s the blood, sweat, and tears that you put into a project that really offers the trust and the appreciation of the people that you are doing this for.” — Farris Bukhari

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Today’s guest is Farris Bukhari, Founder and Creative Director of 10b live arts incubator, Inc. Farris is a multi-disciplinary theater practitioner with over 20 years of experience as a writer, actor, director, producer, coach, and workshop leader. Find Farris and 10b on social media at @10blivearts on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

They discuss:

  • 10b was founded to fill the void in Miami of support for live artists
  • The energy, flexibility, creativity, and youthfulness in Miami
  • Miami as a cultural capital with a cultural mix that is unlike anywhere else on the planet
  • What is live arts? Anything that involves live storytelling: theater, dance, spoken word poetry, physical theater, circus arts, music, and anything in between
  • Opening up the floodgates of multi-disciplinary collaboration
  • How Miami compares to New York, London, and ParisHow Miami and it’s live arts scene are constantly evolving
  • Miami Light Project
  • Nu Deco Ensemble
  • Where 10b came from; 10b is the plant hardiness climate zone that Miami is in, the only place like it in the continental US.
  • Building a live arts community as unique as the plants in this region
  • Miami’s similarities to his childhood experience in Jordan
  • Farris’ background; half-British, half-Jordanian — he spent his formative years in Jordan in the Middle East, where there weren’t a lot of theatrical outlets
  • Moving to the UK to pursue his acting career
  • Starting 10b to give artists the opportunity of self-determination
  • Creating opportunities for yourself
  • Miami’s brain drain in the arts
  • 10b’s vision: reversing brain drain in the arts community in Miami
  • Being a big fish in a small pond; leaving your mark
  • Artists who are thriving in Miami:
  • The power of education; giving kids the opportunity to express themselves artistically
  • Creating art requires building trust with the community
  • Creating innovative, groundbreaking live arts that will set Miami apart
  • Becoming a producer and exporting live arts talent around the country
  • Sweat Equity
  • Comparing the arts sector to the tech sector