023: Chris Nolte (Co-Founder, Per’La Coffee)

Chris Nolte on Innovation City

“Entrepreneurship has been a little glamorized… there’s a lot of grit and inconvenience in it. You’re delaying pleasure and tolerating pain. I think people need to understand that.” —Chris Nolte

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On today’s episode, Tyler and Michael are at the eMerge Americas conference, recording at the University of Miami booth. Their guest today is Chris Nolte of Per’La Coffee. Chris is Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Per’La Specialty Roasters, which just celebrated its 2nd anniversary and currently serves over 40 wholesalers. Chris’s background in business development, branding, and marketing made him a perfect fit when his friend Paul was looking for a partner on a new specialty coffee venture. Paul sent Chris a text to see if he was interested (on Chris’s birthday, no less!), Chris said yes, and Per’La Specialty Roasters was off and running. Find Per’La on Instagram @DrinkPerLa.

They discuss:

  • Per’La’s delicious coldbrew coffee
  • How Chris got into specialty coffee
  • Chris’ business partner and college classmate, Paul Massard
  • Paul’s background in coffee farming, roasting and
  • Paul’s coffee sommelier status; he is a Q Grader, only about 300 people have this certification in the U.S.
  • Self-funding
  • Jumping into entrepreneurship feet-first
  • Actively marketing the brand
  • The joys and sacrifices of entrepreneurship
  • Refining branding in the specialty coffee space
  • Building a great customer experience
  • SBA’s funding process
  • Having the freedom to make decisions quickly
  • The Sales Problem; how to get in the door
  • 69% of successful entrepreneurs worked for a corporate entity for at least 10 years
  • Offering concierge-level service; employee training, branding, café layout, coffee blending
  • Big companies’ investments in their sale teams
  • The best way to approach the sales process
  • Bringing all the equipment to client meetings to make sure they show their coffee at its best
  • Working with clients to help them sell more products