018: Louis Quatorze (Video Artist)

Louis Quatorze on Innovation City

“This is great music and people need to hear it. That’s the mentality that I like to take.” — Louis Quatorze

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Today’s guest is Louis Quatorze; video artist, music video director, and arts curator. He produces pro bono music videos for St. Louis’ up-and-coming hip hop stars. Big Louis, Louis the Shooter, Mike Roth; he answers to all these names and he is dedicated to building up the arts and hip hop scene in St. Louis. Find him at LouisQuatorze.org and on YouTube.

They discuss:

  • Making Mvstermind’s Mali Moolah viral video
  • Louis’ local web series #The314 which covers local art, music and events
  • Using his skills to push artists forward
  • Working without any particular agenda
  • Video as a marketing tool
  • Creating a sustainable platform for art in St. Louis
  • Winning together
  • Listen Local vs listening to the radio
  • The accessibility of music and shows in StL
  • Where the name Louis Quatorze came from
  • Rotting Peach Pictures
  • Louis’ Golden Bargain: shooting videos for free in return for freedom of expression
  • The Louisiana Purchase
  • Going to The University of Tulsa to study Management Information Systems
  • Finding the Film Studies Program on the school’s closed circuit TV system
  • Starting a filmmaking club for students who didn’t want to major in Film Studies
  • Growing up with hip hop; listening to TLC, Tupac, DMX
  • St. Louis artists you need to know about:
  • Smino (selling out all over the world) on SoundCloud, YouTube
  • LA4SS (promising artist from the younger generation) on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram
  • J’Demul (rapper with a blues feel) on YouTube, SoundCloud
  • St. Louis Hip Hop’s marketing problem
  • St. Louis’ blues heritage
  • Sharing the wealth in the artistic community
  • Being the one-man marketing machine behind his work
  • The Rock Paper Podcast – a St. Louis podcast “featuring interviews with local comedians, musicians and interesting people”
  • KDHX 88.1 FM in St. Louis
  • Strategies for growth on YouTube
  • Doing the groundwork to build your network
  • Apollo (a local music showcase that Louis puts on every September)
  • The Knuckles, Rockwell Knuckles and Aloha Mischo, on SoundCloud
  • ShowcaseSTL, put on by the Riverfront Times
  • Tonina Saputo, upright bassist and electric guitarist; touring for her new album Black Angel, and her regular performances at The Grandel
  • Ravyn Lenae on Twitter, on YouTube, on SoundCloud