010: Mallesh Murugesan (Co-Founder at Chirrp.ai)

Mallesh Murugesan on Innovation City

“It’s not easy to have good energy 24/7, but as long as you put good energy out there, it will come back to you.” — Mallesh Murugesan

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Mallesh Murugesan is the Founder and CEO of Abeyon, and Co-Founder and CEO of Chirrp.ai. He’s an innovative leader with a passion for artificial intelligence and design. He’s currently working on several advanced technologies, including cognitive computing, business intelligence, and collaborative solutions. Find Mallesh on Twitter @malleshm.

Chirrp.ai is a multi-channel chatbot platform, powered by cognitive technology. Chirrp uses Artificial Intelligence technology to build automated chat services that respond instantly to customer questions in order to deliver next-generation customer service. Chirrp is currently working to build AI-managed automatic conversations in the healthcare, fintech and retail spaces.

They discuss:

  • Texting businesses instead of calling them
  • Capital One’s recent announcement of a text-based assistant
  • Number of app downloads dropping dramatically
  • Connecting with customers via text messaging platforms rather than apps
  • Chirrp’s function: Building the base conversation and then allowing customers to talk to that base conversation on multiple platforms
  • Setting up the AI; taking FAQs and adding machine learning
  • Trigger points that allow the AI to learn something it doesn’t already know
  • The importance of human interaction vs the advantage of AI
  • Tier 1 vs Tier 2 questions
  • User-Centered Design, UI, UX, Lean UX
  • Making life smoother
  • Catering to consumer preferences with AI in crowded markets
  • The necessity of context in every AI interaction
  • Staying in touch with previous employers and coworkers
  • The importance of putting good energy into the world
  • The importance of following your passion