006: Milka Milliance (We R Artemis Leadership Consulting)

Milka Milliance on Innovation City

“Courage begins with one step. It really does.” — Milka Milliance

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Today’s guest is Milka Milliance. Milka has worked with leaderships teams of global companies as a consultant and coach, helping them design and implement strategic initiatives across global organizations. She designs and facilitates learning interventions for busy professionals to help them solve the leadership puzzle. Under Milka’s guidance, leadership teams explore the ideas of power, courage, confidence and collaboration.

Milka is the founder and CEO of We R Artemis Leadership Consulting. She has also written a book, Your Journey to Self-Redefinition: a Woman’s Guide to Transitions, and contributed to Women Entrepreneurs and the Myth of Underperformance. Find Milka at @we_r_artemis on Instagram, and @WeRArtemis1 on Twitter.

They discuss:

  • The heroine’s journey
  • Self-actualization
  • Breaking through emotional or psychological pain
  • Self-redefinition & self-reinvention
  • Nuance, ambiguity, and the unknown
  • Learning how to step back and take stock
  • Milka’s background in strategy consulting
  • Trance states, sleepwalking, and how technology affects us
  • Checking email 500 times a day
  • Being intentional and self-aware
  • Allowing space for serendipitous moments
  • Retreat and rest
  • Going on a retreat at Omega Learning Center
  • Goddess archetypes; patterns of behavior
  • Carl Jung
  • The Tao
  • Masculine and Feminine principles
  • Being able to sit in discomfort
  • Psychometrics
  • Learning to be still
  • The difference between counseling and coaching
  • The importance of seeking mental health help if you need it
  • The value of yoga and meditation
  • Self-care
  • The stories we tell ourselves
  • Letting ideas come to you